World Futures Day 2023 – A 24-hour Round-the-world conversation

World Futures Day 2023 – A 24-hour Round-the-world conversation

During the World Futures Day on March 1st 2023, the Millennium Project organizes their 10th 24h-Conversation between futurists and the public to discuss views, thoughts and ideas about challenges and opportunities for the future of humanity.

The dialogue will start at 12:00 noon in New Zealand (UCT +12) and moves around the world simultaneously of time zones ending in Hawaii at 12:00 noon (UCT -11). Even better: basically everyone is invited to contribute. Whatever time zone you are in, you are invited at 12:00 noon in your time zone to click on the link and join the conversation.

Link to World Futures Day 2023

The Millennium Project is a global foresight initiative launched by the American Council for the United Nations University in 1996 that helps decision-makers prepare for the future by analyzing emerging opportunities and challenges facing humanity. Through expert workshops, surveys, and trend analysis, the project produces an an-nual report and recommendations for action. It also engages in capacity building, knowledge sharing, and global networking through a diverse network of stakehold-ers. Ultimately, the project aims to promote a more integrated and proactive approach to global decision-making and governance, and to raise awareness of the importance of long-term thinking and foresight.

Magdalena Soetebeer and Lucas Buchauer from Schaltzeit GmbH will also participate in the event and co-facilitate the Hour at noon UTC +1 (12:00 in Berlin) together with colleagues from France, Italy, Netherlands and Germany. During the event different topics are discussed. The focus is on the “15 global challengdes for humanity” defined by the Millennium Project including sustainable development, water scarcity, population growth, health, education, governance, security, energy, science/tech, ethics, women's rights, organized crime, media, and future strategies.
Speakers and participants are also encouraged to address specific topics. Following topics were discussed during 24-hour round-the-world conversations in the past:
We are very excited about the topics and discussions this year and we are very hyped for the World Futures Day 2023!

Weitere interessante Artikel

Lucas Buchauer
Lucas, Studierender im Masterstudiengang Zukunftsforschung an der FU, sammelt verschiedene Erfahrungen als Zukunftsforscher bei uns. Lucas begleitet ein Horizon-Scanning-Projekt zur Zukunft der Arbeitsgesellschaft, unterstützt in weiteren Foresight-Projekten und setzt sich mit der Optimierung von internen Prozessen auseinander.
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