Experiences for Forward Thinking

Questions about the future require many aspects of performance. We believe it is our mission to put people and organizations in a mood for the future, aiming to encourage and empower interactions, immersions and learning experiences.

Foresight & Ideation

Set impulses and activate your organizational will to shape the future! We develop and anchor ideation and strategic foresight activities and also facilitate community building.
Strategic Foresight
Processes for shaping the future
In Strategic Foresight we validate and deepen strategic options within our network of future specialists for your future generalship. We provide explorative support for the anticipation of visions and target images, deliver inspiration for the future strategy and accompany you on your way to identify the decisive future impulses and consolidate them in your organization.
Whether outside-in or inside-out - combined with strategic workshops - we systematically create the basis for future-relevant decisions and further innovation processes.
We are your sparring partner when it comes to inspiring, recharging people, developing ideas and opening up solution spaces. Whether it's organizing ideation challenges, individual coaching or storytelling.
Idea development processes take place under an alternating current!
Relaxation and tension! Enrichment and refinement, as ideation processes require a coaching, challenge, a pinch of creativity techniques, but above all love and passion.

Innovation Platforms

We offer process reliability via our intelligent software solution PEACOQ. Specializing in expert-based workflows, we support the transfer into your organization.
Foresight Support System
Software solutions for your individual foresight- and open innovation processes
Our whitelabel software solution PEACOQ aims to support foresight and open innovation processes with end-user configurability. Visualize your findings in the cockpit, whether as a trend, technology- and risk radar or as a semantic network. 
Use PEACOQ as a Foresight Support System (FSS) to organize your strategic foresight. Collect AI-based information of all kinds, build your foresight community and enable matchmaking, scouting and monitoring.
Use PEACOQ to invite creative minds to an active exchange of ideas in self-defined concept competitions. Capture, evaluate and jointly develop innovative ideas.
Innovation Contest Platform
Idea-management platforms for your successful innovation campaign
PEACOQ as an idea management platform provides flexibly applicable assessment tools and cockpits that specifically support innovation managers to steer the innovation campaigns of your organization in a holistic approach.

Learning & Experience

Experiences live from the fact that they are individually designed, feel good and offer the right mix of matchmaking, networking, exchange of experiences and open-ended formats. So that you feel “future vibes” and gain future orientation.
Experiencing common goals together
Visions of the future can be created not only through methods and knowledge mining. What is also important to us, is to create shared spaces that offer enough room for inspiration, transfer, understanding, co-creation, through human exchange on road trips, learning journeys, workshop formats and events.
To get in the mood for change, we support you with event formats which focus on togetherness and shared experiences. It is important to us that they are embedded in transparent preparatory and follow-up activities.

We form partnerships with the aim of enabling you to achieve success, even after your event is long over.

Collaboratively exploring your opportunities and challenges
We approach the future in terms of technological or organizational change with joy and open-mindedness. Similar to a business model, we segment your events into key factors in order to design event concepts that are target-oriented and sustainably effective for you.

Communication Design

In our experimental projects, we design alternative visions of the future with the potential to reflect the present and initiate future-relevant changes. With individually tailored designs and media formats, we create a level of active interaction.
Provide clarification and trigger enthusiasm for the future
Creating a mood for the future requires formats that generate responses. If you want to convince, you have to be able to package messages in a target group-tailored way. We design the communication of your events, the appearance of your brand as well as we convey our analysis results in formats that create clarity, trigger ideas for the future, inspire and anchor a recognition value.
With our formats and visualizations, we enable future storytelling and provide space for immersion and discussion. Speculative Design creates future scenarios that are clear and comprehensible, that invite, infect & trigger.
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