Experiences for Forward Thinking

We listen. We inspire. We tell stories. We act. We shape. We motivate. We question. We document. We visualize. We electrify. We inspire and succeed together. In short: We do.
About us
We empower you to work with the future. Our ideas show organizations how to deal with terms like weak signals, trends or white spots, and at the same time energizing to position themselves. We like discussing new developments and trends, with their respective effects on the organization, in order to design frameworks for actions and strenghten the matching future-attitude and accompanying measures.
With all the results, there is further potential in the future reach.
Our focus is not constantly on new trends, but on the awareness for change and the ability to recognize, interpret, accept and react appropriately to relevant changes. Schaltzeit trains the organizational DNA to deal with a change, to build an independent future agility that is anchored in the corporate culture and leads to resilience. Technical tools are used only carefully. Schaltzeit's primary aim is to set impulses, broaden perspectives and stimulate enthusiasm for shaping the future.
Bei Schaltzeit entscheiden wir im Team, welche Produkte oder Services wir anbieten möchten. Das Entscheidende ist, dass wir Lust haben zu gestalten.
André Winzer
Founder & CEO
Our identity
Our team is international and represented in all age groups. We create friction – also among ourselves. What unites us is the passion to work on content. We prefer to leave the buzzwording to others.
We are clear, fast and binding. We hope to grow through trust and common touchpoints. We act with our own opinion even without a mandate – but we can also reset them. We are deeply rooted and operate in networks. The specialization of our partners reduces complexity and ensure the probability of success.
We prefer to work in the background. We empower, encourage and stimulate thoughts and discourse. Participation by the client increases the scope of possibilities and creates acceptance.
That’s what friends are for…
Over years of working together, customers, colleagues and work partners become extended family members. Because the goals match, because the chemistry is right, because the expertise complement each other. This is how a network grows, in which we not only feel comfortable, but in which we see ourselves (virtually) up to any challenge.
Our clients
Schaltzeit has successfully provided consulting and operational services within the areas of foresight, ideation, experiences, software and design, to organizations in sectors such as telecommunication, automotive, biotechnology, software development, medicine, cosmetics and others.
We ignite and accompany you on your way to success.
Schaltzeit fills gaps, optimizes processes and forms the link between actors and processes in order to make results transparent and usable and sustainably establishes future-oriented thinking and acting.
We create learning journeys, science slams, ad-hoc scouting, analyses and trend radars. We understand and develop pre-gates, stage gates, foresight support platforms, ideation challenges - whether outside-in or inside-out.
What is important to us:
Do you have questions?
We listen.
We are available for consulting on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm. We reply to messages within a few minutes - and if you need it particularly quickly, you can reach our support by phone.
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