Rock-Paper-Scissors Open Space

Rock-Paper-Scissors Open Space


Recently, we have organized a workshop and one part was particularly successful. As a warm-up for the participants we introduced a variation of the game “rock – paper – scissors”, changing it into “Jedi – Space Princess – Space Monster” – fitting to our Star Wars-themed Open Space workshop part.
Let me tell you – it became a big fight to win! The participants had to bring the roles to life with movement and sound. As a result, we had a Jedi, charging with an impressive battle cry, a loudly sighing Space Princess and a scary, roaring Space Monster among us – always on 1,2,3, …!


Starting with 75 people only the winners from each duel were allowed to continue playing (cutting the number of contestants in half with each new round) and consequently the size of the cheering and encouraging crowd grew and grew.
The game ended with a young gentleman beating a roaring Space Monster with a very elegant Jedi. He was duly celebrated as the winner! After, the whole department was able to start refreshed and in good spirits into the next item on the agenda – Innovation Culture.

By the way, these great illustrations were done by an honorary member of our shared office space JohnShare34. Thanks a lot, Weltalf!

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