Celebrating World Futures Day

Celebrating World Futures Day


Tomorrow - on December the 2nd is the world futures day. 

The UNESCO established a format to ensure that all generations understand that resilience is not just a capacity that an organization needs. In fact, our planet needs resilience. Future generations will need to deal with a lot of the problems we have caused and find better alternatives.

In order to get into the problem-solving mode, we encourage that future literacy skills are taught and spread. Last week we were at Ellery Studio to see that there is more than brain storming. We can get even more immersive with body storming. To create atmospheres that address our inclusive world, we need to utilize the power of imagination and strong future images. We need to support decision making processes which have all nations in mind. So, to gain new perspectives on the planet, we need to accept that body and mind together are even more powerful.

Besides the resilience aspect, also Africa is on the agenda of the world futures day. It is obvious that the continent needs true commitments which also empower Africans future generations. What are your thoughts on the empowerment of Africa?

Discuss it with us. Since nobody is up for a trip to the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, we recommend the live stream: UNESCO - Live Event. It will be streamed in our Schaltzeit Office in Berlin, so drop by for a coffee if you want. We start at 2PM.

Together for more future mindfulness. 

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André Winzer
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