TechCrunch called, Schaltzeit and many others came to the micro-meetup on 4 July 2017, hosted at Google’s Campus Warsaw. Micro brewery meets micro meetup could have been the motto, as many short talks were given with beer in hand. The atmosphere was relaxed, the networking worked – handing out beer from the beginning was a good idea.

The start-ups pitching couldn’t have been more varied: from warehouse monitoring via medical applications to wireless charging for drones or a platform for organizing house parties (UNYTE). Qualities of pitches varied as well, but the all-female jury (not for the quota, but some of the who-is-who from the Polish start-up scene) saved them with questions that revealed true qualities of some of the pitched solutions.

The winner of the event was Cardiomo, a wearable to prevent heart diseases. It monitors vital data and alerts e.g. relatives or doctors about abnormalities. An audience darling – well presented – was DULY, a delivery service for construction site supplies. And a personal favorite has been Vocapouch, a niche-solution for “collecting vocabulary” (no idea how to summarize it differently) – a useful productivity & learning solution for those that have to or want to translate on a regular basis. Not only was the founder the most unassuming (I hope I looked up the right word here, it is meant to be positive!), he also seemed to have one of the readiest products. Count me in as one of your app customers!

Dear organizers & sponsors, thank you for providing this as a platform. We have been both infotained as well as well connected to interesting contacts among presenters as well as audience. Pizza was great, too! Favorite beer among the rich selection: the West Coast IPA of Browar Jana.

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